More Moving to Joy

More Moving to Joy

Last time I shared a detailed activity we can all do to help us move to joy and live our lives in joy in spite of what might be going on in the world. This time, I am going to share my recipe for Moving to Joy.  It is a list of one liners that you can write on sticky notes and stick to your rear view mirror or on your bathroom mirror, or anywhere you will see them. I’m big on sticky notes but you may have a better way to see important information that you don’t want to miss.

So here goes……

Heidi’s Recipe for Moving to JOY….

Write down each one liner below, read and contemplate daily until they become part of you…

   -Be Flexible

   -Be an observer of your own life

   -We are creatures of 2 worlds-the inner and the outer- remember to care for both

   -Let life flow- don’t hold on too tight

   -Be aware so you don’t miss the synchronicity in life- that’s the fun part

   -Let your Holy Spirit within lead the way

   -Allow and be guided

   -Being present in this life is the gift we give ourselves every minute of every day

   -Forgive yourself and others

   -Release and let go of old thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back

   -Connect with other people who lift you up

I hope these resonate with you.  Let me know what you think.