Reawakening to the Divine Love Within ...

Consciously Create Your Ripple Effect!We are a ministry committed to brightening the world by offeringLove through a wide variety of spiritual and secular programs, classes, retreats, and travel.

What We Do

We create experiences and opportunities to help you open up, raise your vibration, and dive deep to find the Divine Love within.Then together, we create the Ripple Effect, spreading that Love throughout the world.


Our retreats are designed to give you a place to stimulate your mind, refresh your body, and feed your soul while connecting with other like-minded spiritual seekers.

Individual Sessions

We are certified Usui Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Masters and certified Sound Therapy practitioners offering private energy healing sessions. As ordained ministers, we offer spiritual counseling.

Weekly Programs & Classes

We conduct a variety of regular weekly programs and classes that offer transformative experiences and techniques to deepen your connection to the Divine.

Have some fun and go on a Ripple Effect adventure!CLICK our icons to learn more about all that Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies offers!


Several NERR - Northeast Reiki Retreat participants and presenters, were highlighted on “Your Spiritual Journey with Bob Dove”.
All of these will be available on YouTube under “Your Spiritual Journey with Bob Dove” or on all major streaming platforms. They will also be available at

Reiki Lifestyle - The Podcast

Guest: John and Heidi Kowalchyk | Alliance of Divine Love Interfaith Ministers, Reiki Masters and Sound Therapists
Reiki Lifestyle YouTube Podcast with John & Heidi
John and Heidi Kowalchyk are Alliance of Divine Love Interfaith Ministers, Reiki Masters, Sound Therapists and Drum Circle Facilitators who have been called to follow a spiritual path and guide others along their spiritual journey. It is their passion to offer opportunities and encouragement to people to open themselves to the Divine Love within. As ordained ministers, they are the Founders of Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies, a ministry focused on energy-healing. They offer programs and retreats for people of all ages and backgrounds at their home retreat center and venues throughout the country.
Facebook page: Reiki Retreat: Retreat FB page:

Your Spiritual Journey with Bob Dove

John and Heidi They shared their individual and joint spiritual journeys. We also hear about how they got involved in offering the Northeast Reiki Retreat.
Debbie HoldenDebbie does energy work on both sides of the Atlantic. You may have met her at the Arbonne table in the vendor area in the past two years.
Tracey Underhill You may have met her during a pre-conference workshop or during the main event. She is a nurse who competed on the international and national stage in track and field, marathons and triathlons and was a top ten ranked bodybuilder in Canada until a car accident turned her life upside down. Her current goal is to help people heal using energy work.
Sarah SaltowSarah gave the presentation on Fascinating Fascia this year at NERR and is offering a follow up presentation in 2024. She provided us with the background on her spiritual journey.

Our Spiritual Journey

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You came here for a purpose. Together, let’s discoverthe true meaning of our lives.


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