June 25, 20228 am - 6 pm ET
In-person OR on Zoom


Together AgainCelebrating Women!

  • Presenters

    Heidi Kowalchyk - Co-Founder Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies; Holy Fire Reiki Master; ADL Minister; Sound Therapist; Drum Circle FacilitatorBarbara Pastie - Shake Your Soul®  Joanna Jenkins - Artist and Art Teacher, the Intuitive Painting Process. 

  • What are the Extra options?

    During the day, time is set aside for those who have scheduled a massage or reiki session.  One hour massage - $80.00, Certified Massage Therapist
    One hour Reiki/Sound Therapy - $70.00, with Holy Fire Reiki Master - John Kowalchyk
    75 minute Shiatsu Massage - $90.00

  • What YOU should know

    ~ Comfortable clothes for indoor and outdoor use.  ~ Bring your own house slippers or socks are provided for guests to borrow. ~ Coffee/tea and water is provided throughout the day.~ Fruit, yogurts, granola and baked goods are available for breakfast. ~ Soup, salad, bread, and a dessert is planned for lunch.
    If you have special dietary needs, please pack accordingly.  

Grateful to be together again! While we do enjoy our Zoom retreats, and THANK YOU to those who participated, this retreat will be in person AND on Zoom! You can choose which way to attend.
Our world is constantly evolving and we always want to do our best to watch out for everyone’s health and safety. So after much prayer and meditation, we are guided to change the date for the Women’s Grounding Retreat from January 8 to June 25th. I invite you to mark your calendars and send love and light to that date. Registration is open for Women’s Grounding Retreat on June 25!
Join us in-person for a full day or attend for a portion of the day on Zoom! 
There is nothing like being with other women when you need to let it all go, truly relax and get recharged. At our next Women's Grounding Retreat, you are invited to join me on a Treasure Hunt in an "adventure of the spirit". We will dive deep, explore, discover and express our True Selves in creative ways you may never have tried before. We will all step out together in a journey of consciousness as we search for and discover the treasures deep within our hearts. 
Our adventure will begin with a discussion where we can get to know each other as we share our life's journeys and "clues" we have discovered that have helped us find our way. You will be guided on an inner journey of discovery where you'll be led to find the treasures of your heart. From this, you will develop your own personal affirmations and mantra to use as you move along life's path. 
Joanna Jenkins, Artist and Art Teacher, will be your guide in the workshop Intuitive Painting Process. "For this workshop, we will be exploring a place where our thoughts, dreams, and mark making merge onto a canvas to create a unique, one-of-a-kind painting. Based on artist Flora Bowley's Brave Intuitive Painting videos, we will follow a similar path starting with a brief journaling session. This will be followed by choosing a palette of colors, and then move on to the process of painting with traditional and non traditional tools - such as brushes, sponges, utensils, and of course our fingers. The objective is not to complete a typical pretty picture such as a landscape scene, but instead, to discover the unique mark making that lies within us all, and see what that looks like as a work of contemporary art." 
Barbara Pastie, certified Shake Your Soul® instructor and Reiki Master will lead Mindful Movement where you will experience an awareness of your own inner body and an overflowing love of self and others as you move to world music. Mindful Movement combines fluid meditative movement and flowing dance with lessons on how to be more in touch with our bodies as a tool to be in communion with ourselves and others. 
In person participants will enjoy an afternoon of self directed opportunities for relaxation and personal exploration including: essential oil infused lotion make and take, sensual zen gardening, mandala coloring, delicious and healthy smoothie making, hot tubbing, a pool and enjoying the outdoors.
When: Saturday, June 25, 2022 - 8am to 6 pm EST
Location: 175 Tsatsawassa Lake Rd, East Nassau, NY 12062
Registration Fee: In-Person: $96.00Registration includes continental breakfast, light lunch, coffee, tea, and filtered water; snacks, all activities and supplies.  ~ Optional Extras ~ 75 minute Shiatsu Massage $90.00One Hour Reiki/Sound Therapy Session- $70.00One Hour Massage- $80.00 (Contact us to schedule directly these AND add to your PayPal payment.)
Zoom Attendee: $55.00 Virtual begins at 8:30am to 12 pm on ZOOM. Includes morning programs and all supplies for the Intuitive Painting Process workshop to be mailed in advance.
Refund Policy:  If you must cancel, your registration fee is not refundable. You may apply it towards a future event or service. If we are forced to cancel after you have made a payment, you will receive your money back or given credit towards our next event or service.  
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Adventures of the Spirit

Why Women Gather

Why Women Gather

The Ripple Effectby Rev Heidi Kowalchyk
Women have gathered together for eons, probably since the beginning of time. You may be familiar with the red tent in Biblical times where women gathered during “that time of the month” or illness and supported each other. Then in Victorian times, women gathered together around a pot of tea in the late afternoon to chat about their day. Fast forward to the 1950’s or 60’s when women gathered over a pot of coffee during their “coffee klatches”. Today, we have women’s sororities where women hold each other up and inspire each other. But I don’t often see a regular opportunity for women to be together in these busy and complicated times.
Why do you think women gather with other women? This topic is near and dear to my heart because as a woman, I find there is no better way to relax, share my joys and sorrows, feel supported and be inspired than when I am in the company of other women. In fact, research shows my thoughts on this topic to be true! An article on Healthline website confirms there is science behind the importance of female friendships. In the article Dr. Ruby Bash referred to studies at Stanford and UCLA that showed in times of stress, women don’t just experience the drive toward fight or flight, they release oxytocin which compels women to “tend and befriend”. According to the article, that means during stressful times, women tend to their loved ones and befriend other women.  
I can relate to all of that especially as I age, get busier and have more responsibilities. Being with other women helps me feel nurtured and validated. During the most challenging times in my life, other women have cried with me, confided in me, held me and taught me how to come out the other side stronger and smarter. When I gather with other women, I get recharged and my light gets brighter. My world gets better and I believe it spreads to the world around me. I wanted to create an opportunity for women to gather.
So, the Women’s Grounding Retreat was born! My daughter Dana, encouraged me to invite some women to our new home/ retreat center. It was such a glorious experience being together that I was encouraged to do it again. The first Women’s Grounding Retreat was held in 2019 at Ripple Effect Spiritual Therapies retreat center. Women came from all walks of life with different backgrounds and experiences. But the thing we had in common was the longing to be together with other women to connect and share. The one thing I try to do at our retreats is help women get back to their true self and leave feeling balanced and recharged. Each retreat offers opportunities for women to share, connect, go within, express and challenge themselves. One comment from Sheri, a past participant- ”Was wonderful. So great to meet new people and get in touch with myself. Just what I needed but didn’t know I did.”
I hope you can join me at our next Women’s Grounding Retreat, Adventures of the Spirit, on June 25, 2022 either in person in East Nassau, NY or virtually.