Drum Circles

Drumming with others is an ancient practice that people have used for millennia all over the globe to connect, heal, learn and celebrate. Our drum circles are a safe space to be an individual while being an integral part of the group.  
In a circle, there is an opportunity for each person to see and be heard by each other in a way that is beyond the typical, self-imposed boundaries such as economic status, sex, creed, race, politics or age. In the circle, we are all equal and vital components of the whole.
We offer different drum circle experiences for adults, seniors, youth, families, corporate retreats, team building and wellness programs, festivals and more. No musical experience is necessary. We provide drums, shakers and rattles for up to 25 participants. Bring your favorite instrument if you have one or share one of ours.


Community Drum Circle*
Our community drum circle is a fun, family friendly event where people of all ages and musical experience come together to share a spirit of rhythm. As we play together we boost our energy and give ourselves an emotional release and healing through a rhythmic message.  
Experience the joy of beating on a drum, dancing or just listening as we create community and have fun. Participants will be instructed on the basics of how to drum in a group, with opportunities to improvise within this gently facilitated drum circle.  
*We're currently looking for a venue to host a monthly community drum circle in the area of Southern Rensselaer and Northern Columbia counties in NYS. Do you have an available facility? We'd love to connect!


Spirit Quest Drum Circle
Spirit Quest Drumming generates sound vibration, creating a vortex of energy that can open your heart and lift you to a higher plane. You’ll begin your vibrational journey with a meditation then gently move into beating rhythms that will quickly bring you deeper into meditation; deeper into the Universe as you lose yourself and connect with the Divine.  
Spirit Quest Drumming opens a space for the manifestation of spiritual, emotional and physical healing. At the close of our drum circle you will receive an individual drum bath that will offer deeper relaxation and grounding.

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