World Peace Circle

We are guided to offer a weekly World Peace Circleon Zoom every Wednesday at Noon! 
Like our Reiki circles, we will be sending Reiki and healing to ourselves, each other, our loved ones, and the world ~ with a special focus on healing to Ukraine and the entire region.

We want to invite YOU to join us for a 30 minute free healing experience. Contact us for the Zoom Link!

What can I expect to experience? See the information below about what Reiki healing is. Many people notice a great sense of relaxation, the opening of blocked energies, while sharing the group energy. Some people will cry, some can't stop smiling, each response is unique; particularly since many of us have had fewer connections with each other these past years. 
What do I need to do? Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, no distractions for 30 min. and then just breathe as we provide a short healing meditationand prayer before we each begin sending and receiving this healing energy,    
How can I fully participate? ● If you are on the live event, you will be automatically included in that healing session.● Comment your name specifically, or for someone else you would like us to send healing to, either during or after the live session.  ● Send healing energy to yourself, others and the world, throughout the week.● Like the video and share with your friends and family. 
How will I know if it worked?Please know that sometimes when we are resistant, we often block ourselves from receiving. If you don't see or feel any change in your energy immediately, any sudden new ideas, maybe words to a song or what someone says feels like they strongly resonate, you may notice something the next day after you've slept and let go of some resistance. The shoulder may ache less, the knee feels a bit better, you slept more soundly, etc. We've often noticed that once people have experienced a few sessions, as they are first learning about Reiki energy, they are happily surprised.   
We hope you join us for this amazing energy!